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  • Artist name: Markowitsch
  • DJ since: 2005
  • Nationality: AUT
  • Style: Deep House / Tech House / Techno

Without music, life would be a mistake…

Friedrich Nietzsche

Under this motto, Marko aka Markowitsch started his DJ career in the summer of 2005. Born in Salzburg in 1982, he was enthusiastic about electronic music at a very young age. When Marko got two turntables and a mixer more or less as gifts in 2005, his love for black gold (vinyl) gew…

After initial difficulties, the Reloop decks were exchanged for the legendary 1210s from Technics, and the adjustment of the black vinyl disks ran as if by magic. Initially still “straight” techno in the record case, Markowitsch acquired more and more electro and deephouse or techhouse records and so his record collection grew like his love for playful electronic music.

Gradually, the dynamic DJ from Pongau got gigs in the city and state of Salzburg, and after a very short time as a DJ, he was playing music in the legendary Cave Club, Rockhouse, Jazzit and many other clubs and events in the entire Salzburg area and in Innsbruck. His edifying sets make you want to dance and have been broadcasted on FM4 and Soundburg Radio.

In the winter of 2008/2009, he founded the company with some of his friends. The DJ portal RE:FUSE, which is marking another step in his DJ career. The collective of creative minds around RE:FUSE organized many events in the Pongau area back then. During this time, digital DJing with CD players also became more and more popular and did not stop at the RE:FUSE DJ collective.

In 2019, Marko founded the association artem_sonitus with friends, which organized many small but also larger events, including the legendary “Supergau” parties in the power plant in Bad Gastein.

Marko has been an enthusiastic fan of electronic music since the 1990s, since 2005 he has been active on the decks, as an organizer and promoter, and there is still no end in sight. Marko is always happy to animate his audience to celebrate and to make the crowd boil.
…in this sense: Party on, duuuuude !!!