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Nico V

Nico V
  • Artist name: Nico V
  • Nationality: NL
  • Style: House / Tech-House / Techno

Nico Vs love for djing started when he was about 17-18 years old. He visited some raves for the first time in his life and he was taken away by the music. It filled him with energy and made him dance all night long. 

The more parties he visited, the more interested he got into djing. Every time he would go to a party, he tried to stand as close to the DJ booth as possible to see what they were doing. At one point he decided that he wanted to give it a try aswell and bought his first DJ gear.

Nico V started practicing and recorded a couple of mixtapes. his friends really liked it and at one point he started playing at some of their parties and raves.

When Djing, Nico V tries to keep a constant groove going troughout the set. He wants the people to feel the energy and start dancing to the music, just like he did when he visited his first raves.

Right now he’s trying to gain as much experience as possible and hopefully land himself some cool gigs in the future!