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Bon Ajvar

Bon Ajvar

Artist name: Bon Ajvar
Nationality: SRB
Style: Pretty much anything with a 4/4 beat, but mostly Deep House / Tech House / Melodic Techno

Bon Ajvar has been involved with music since he was 11 years old – back then he discovered synthesizers and keyboards for the first time and played around with them for quite a long time. But he definitely discovered his real love for electronic music a lot earlier, when he was about 5 or 6 years old and his dad gave him a then-current Future Trance CD.

At the age of 19, he discovered DJing and producing electronic music through a good friend. Since then, everything has taken its course and he has played countless gigs at different locations in and around Salzburg. A big highlight was the Electric Love Festival 2015, where he was played in the Circus Club.

He has also attended a lot of festivals and parties at home and abroad and this has only strengthened his love for music and for DJing.

For Bon Ajvar there is only one rule when DJing : he wants to bring as much emotion into his sets as possible!